A group of post-apocalyptic vagabonds wander the earth in search of souls to save from the threats of evil, and their greatest foe, Satan himself. The short was made for the 168 Film Project in LA, and received a Best Actress Nomination for star Raquel Elizabeth Ames at the 2017 International Christian Film Festival.

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Strange goings-on in a tranquil neighborhood invade a dinner party, turning friend against friend. The short
won 2nd place in the Sci-Fi Horror category at the 2014 San Diego Fall Film Festival, and has 2 nominaions in the 2015 Film Awards in San Diego. A possible feature is in the works, based on the short.

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Continuing to seek production backing, this is our first feature since The Ethereal Plane (2002). An epic ghost story centering around the hidden history of a haunted house.

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CRAZY JOE (2012)

Joe, along with his 11-year old daughter Lizzie, is a man who has suffered a great loss after a tragic accident. Some of the townsfolk deem Joe crazy because he has imaginary friends...or are they? James Steinberg was nominated for Best Lead Actor in the first annual 2014 San Diego Film Awards.

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A short sci-fi satire, set deep into the future when the sun is starting to burn out, causing major mechanical problems. A housewife encounters bizarre malfunctions on a day when the sun takes a turn for the worse. And her very reality and existence is called into question.

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A music video for "Sweet Miracle" by progressive rock pioneers Rush. Tells the story of a lonley woman searching for her soul mate.

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A sci-fi feature about a machine that can turn back time, and a desperate attempt to stop a murder before it happens. Winner as Best Narrative Feature at the 2002 BIG MiniDV Film Festival®, The Ethereal Plane is a monumental achievement.

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A bitter, ungrateful man gets his wish - that everyone on earth disappear - but he soon regrets it. The 30 minute short was Smith's first film ever edited non-linearly, and has some impressive special visual effects. The film was screened at the New York Independent International Film and Video Festival on July 15, 2000.

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Just when you thought it was safe to drink the water...brilliant sequel to the 1987 film Contamination. Click here for the website for C2 (very outdated bios - the site is quite old).

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Stylish vampire short film about a woman drawn to a mysterious figure. As her nightmares become real, she goes farther in the pit of insanity. Or maybe she's not crazy at all, and just becoming a freakin vampire.

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Want to see more? Plenty more good stuff from the college years (1985 to 1992).